Wedding Styling On A Dime


Save money stylishly with these easy wedding decor hacks!

As we come up to only 3 months away from the big day, we are really ramping up the wedding planning. Luckily, we have our fabulous planners from Pop Up Weddings taking care of the overall details of the big day. This has left me with ample time to plan out the styling and decor elements for the reception. Today I thought I would share some of my hacks for finding stunning wedding decor at exceptional prices. 

  •  Take Advantage of Michael's Coupons: I honestly can't remember the last time that I paid full price for a product at Michaels, there is literally always a coupon. You can get the app right on your phone and they will scan the bar-code at the till. Generally the coupons range from 40%-55% off for one regular priced item. If you are planning on purchasing more than one bigger ticket item, bring along a friend to go through another till separately so you can save on both products. Michaels has a lovely selection of products for weddings. I managed to score this hair barrette for only $7 CAD with a coupon. Always scan the displays at the far end of the aisle. That's where they put all the clearance products. There is frequently wedding decor on sale.


  • Visit Your Local Vintage & Thrift Shops: Where do you think wedding rental places find all those unique pieces? Thrift shops that's where. Skip the big ones like Value Village, they inflate their pricing and all the good stuff goes quickly. Small, community thrift shops and vintage stores always have the best products and best of all, they usually benefit a local charity. Yay for giving back! I found my feather pen at a thrift shop for only $2. A great thing to look for at thrift shops is linen and fabric. They always have a gorgeous selection of materials that you can integrate in various capacities in your decor. They are also an excellent place to find vintage cutlery and utensils. Like an ornate knife for cake cutting or some cool glassware for the head table.


  • Amazon Prime: For wedding staples like candles and candle holders, Amazon is your best bet. Here are a few of my favorite wedding finds from Amazon. These ornate Gold Tealight Holders , This stunning Gold Cake Topper from Paper & Parties, and since we are doing a winter wedding, we will be supplying cozy throw blankets tied up with pretty satin bows, "To Have and Hold and In Case You Get Cold". Still waiting for these to come back in stock!


  • Take A Trip To IKEA: As if you needed another excuse to head to the motherland. IKEA is a great resource for wedding decor. We found darling small gold frames to use for our wedding signage. We also purchased some IKEA Lanterns to light up the cold winter night. IKEA is also a great place to get dishes and serving ware if it isn't provided by the venue. It may seem silly to buy all plates and such for one night, but at a $1 per plate, it isn't a bad deal. Plus, you can always re-sell your wedding supplies on the buy and sell afterwards. Make some of that money back!

Did you find any of these tips helpful? Have you tried them for your wedding?

Share your stories and suggestions below!