A Designer At Home: Our Spring Bedroom


Spring is here! Thank goodness. The west coast has been non-stop rain up until the last couple days. We finally had a nice morning where I could snap some pics of our new bedroom! We recently swapped our office and bedroom to have a more functional layout in our bedroom. I'm super happy with how the move turned out. The room is still a work in progress, but for the time being I think it looks really cozy and fresh for spring. Styling up the space was super affordable. I'll highlight some of the deals:

  • Decorative grey art from Dollarama, only $4 each!
  • Vintage candle sticks from Value Village, only $6 for the set!
  • The side table lamp the previous owners left in the storage locker. So I just freshened it up with a new lamp shade.
  • Striped pillow from Walmart, round $26
  • Ruffle pillow cases I found new, in the package at a local thrift store for only $8 for two.
  • The throw rug is from Homesense and it was under $20

There were so many great finds that went into this space! Looking forward to adding more pieces as we go! Share below your discount home decor finds!