Thoughts On Being A Size "Large"

A few thoughts on beauty standards

Today, I was out shopping at the mall with a dear friend. A friend who I’ve grown up with and shared many found memories over the years. We walked around the mall and had a lunch filled with good eats and hilarious stories. I bought a new fall sweater, a new bag (on sale for Thanksgiving!), a small gift for Evan and a nice pumpkin scented candle. It was a perfect Sunday afternoon. As we walked through the stores, I noticed something very interesting. If you know me well, you know that I used to model professionally when I was a teenager. I travelled to parts of Asia and work professionally overseas on several contracts. Since then, I’ve only done limited modelling for friends and here on my blog!

I would say that these days, I’m living the best years of my life thus far. I bought a condo with the love of my life who I’m marrying in December. I have a career that I love and find fulfilling and a group of wonderful friends and family. It’s basically my version of perfect. Of course, there are ups and downs but generally I can honestly say, I am the happiest that I have ever been.

On this particular shopping day, my friend and I discussed something that really made me think. We both shared that at most stores we were a size large. I held up a shirt and we joked how it was so small, how could it possibly be a large?! But all joking aside, If I was a teenager shopping at that store, I would feel bad. Our beauty standards are very distorted. I know we hear this a lot these days. But man, it is really true. I would consider my self a healthy person, living a life of moderation. Never again will I be the size that I was when I was modelling. I could do it if I really, really wanted to. But I for sure don’t. At all. I love having a glass of wine and frozen pizza with my man. I love going out and having an after dinner walk. In summary, I like doing what I want to do.

So with that being said. I couldn’t be happier to be a “large”. My hope for the future is that we get rid of these labels and just focus on what makes us truly special as people. Life isn’t about a size, it’s about making memories and living life to the fullest. So here’s me in my new sweater, living my best life.